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* technology used in KAPELLA products allows the number of fixtures to be reduced by approximately 30% compared with standard lighting.

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Energy Efficiency

Ever-growing demands for electricity make its price increase. These days, a matter of great concern for manufacturing companies and property managers is the optimisation of costs related to the purchase of electricity. That being said, it is no secret that the cheapest energy is the energy you save. Rational and cost-effective management of utilities is possible through the accurate identification of loss-generating areas. In order to eliminate them, it is necessary to analyse all the data and, subsequently, work out the best optimisation methods. One indispensable prerequisite is to accurately record the actual electricity consumption.

The next step is to collect reliable data about the level of periodic consumption of a given utility, through the installation of meters with communication interfaces, as well as through data processing in a system called SARM (System Automatycznego Rozliczania Mediów – Automated System for the Accounting of Utilities). The data thus provided forms the basis on which we build plans for the modernisation of lighting systems as the main consumers of electricity.

Monitoring of consumption by particular end-users and target groups allows to obtain information about the actual level of incurred costs, their structure and distribution in time. The SARM system helps to paint the full picture of the lighting system and its components. Statistics about the operation of devices are presented in the form of statements and diagrams. With online data acquisition, balances, consumption accounting, financial analyses and cost-efficient modernization plans may be prepared with greater speed and precision. The actions described above will help decrease the costs of the business activity.