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* technology used in KAPELLA products allows the number of fixtures to be reduced by approximately 30% compared with standard lighting.

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Lighting System Audit

The audit covers the assessment of the existing condition of a lighting system, both indoors and outdoors, the measurement of its technical parameters and recommendations for improvement to increase the economic efficiency of the system by reducing the consumption of electric power.

In the course of this audit, special attention is paid to issues related to:

  • the type of the existing lighting installation (indoors and outdoors),
  • electric energy consumption,
  • operating mode (round the clock, periodically, etc.),
  • user preferences as to colour temperature,
  • aesthetic values (outdoor lighting, illumination of front walls),
  • costs of lighting system modernisation,
  • estimated returns on the investment, in terms of timing and optimization of costs of electric power.

Experienced Kapella auditors will not only define the current state of your lighting system, but will also present you options for its modernisation and will determine the ROI index.