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* technology used in KAPELLA products allows the number of fixtures to be reduced by approximately 30% compared with standard lighting.

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About us

Shining brighter than a diamond

Capella is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga. It is associated with a Greek hero, King Erichthonius, the son of none other than Hephaestus. Mythology has it that Erichthonius was the first to ride a horse-drawn chariot and gained absolute mastery of it. Furthermore, he invented the plough and taught people how to smelt silver.
In the tradition of ground-breaking innovations and inventions, Kapella has continued to successfully deliver intelligent and energy-saving LED-based fixtures for industrial companies, public utility buildings and commercial facilities.

LED Technology

Nature has endowed us with the stunning beauty of the starlit night sky. We can reciprocate her kindness with the use of the most environment-friendly lighting systems available today.
Kapella products not only minimise the electric power consumption and, in consequence, CO2 emissions, they also reduce the costs of building operation and increase energy efficiency. As a result, we can help preserve our natural environment.
Kapella LED-based systems distinguish themselves by their relatively low current consumption of up to 70% as compared to standard lighting, while at the same time maintaining efficiency levels above 98%. Our light fixture technology does not utilise substances detrimental to health and life, such as mercury, lead or cadmium.

A Step Towards Innovation

Kapella is an innovation-oriented manufacturing company specializing in applied lighting. Our systems are developed by our own Research and Development department in close cooperation with the Institute of Optoelectronics at the Military University of Technology. They are the fruit of an exchange of ideas between scientists from the fields of Optics, Electronics and Automatics. As a result, we can boast state-of-the-art solutions not only in optics and energy saving, but also in the transfer of new lighting control technologies.
Our products can easily be integrated with automatic equipment controlled by the BMS/SCADA system, as well as using state-of-the art IT solutions for mobile platforms: smart phones and tablets.
The specially tailored manufacturing and control processes and the application of photometric technology allow us to offer our customers products of unmatched quality. To confirm their durability and reliability, they each come with a three-year warranty.

Guaranteed Savings

The use of our products for lighting interiors and exteriors of commercial, industrial and public facilities is a guarantee of rapid returns on investment in the form of generated savings.
We encourage you to use our investment calculator!

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