About us

Welcome to the new Kapella Sp. z o.o. website, where you can learn more about our products designed for the illumination of retail spaces, utility buildings and general infrastructural objects.

Our products are characterised by exceptional parameters in terms of lighting and economy, in particular, a high ROI. They allow to significantly reduce the electric power consumption and minimise running and maintenance costs. We do the utmost to ensure our products and services are of the highest quality so that they meet your requirements.


We develop our products at our Research and Development department in cooperation with the Institute of Optoelectronics at the Military University of Technology.

This cooperation results in modern systems which combine high lighting parameters, achieved through the proper selection of illumination sources and specially designed lenses.

Our solutions and light intensity intelligent controls are in a class of their own, unparalleled by any of the competitors’ products, where light intensity is controlled depending on, for instance, weather conditions, to achieve extraordinarily low power consumption.